Evaluate accurately.

Demonstrate results reliably.

Use objective data to help your athletes and personnel move better, perform better and return to play faster with the HumanTrak Movement Analysis System. Taking the guesswork out of common movement assessments, HumanTrak allows you to see what the eye can’t, so you can focus on improving what’s most important to your athletes.

How HumanTrak Works

Refine your assessments with objective measurement

Founded on clinical research and validated externally, HumanTrak leverages a 3D motion tracking system to create a dynamic 3D model of your athlete’s body. This detailed analysis of their movement happens in real-time, making it possible to assess their movement immediately and tailor training or rehabilitation programs with clear and measurable objectives in mind.

Finally, automated and printable reports assist in tracking progress and demonstrating outcomes to your athletes, measuring progress and improving buy-in.

Movement analysis, now made practical

Assess movement quality, range, balance and stability in over 20 common tests and exercises.

HumanTrak utilises its 3D motion tracking system to record and analyse a range of common movement assessments, tests and exercises. What was traditionally confined to assessment by eye can now be accurately measured, tracked and improved over time.


Single Leg Posture
Tandem Stand
Single Leg Stand
Standing Posture
Semi-Tandem Stand
30-Second Sit-to-Stand

Cervical Spine

Lateral Flexion ROM
Flexion/Extension ROM

Lower Body Dynamic

Single Leg Squat
Drop Jump
Overhead Squat
Countermovement Jump


Abduction/Adduction ROM
Flexion/Extension ROM
Internal/external rotation ROM


Build and run interactive
training programs

HumanTrak features a wide variety of movement assessments across upper and lower body range of motion and dynamic movements.

Each assessment provides information on range of motion and limb imbalance, as well as more in depth metrics that provide greater insights to the technique used when completing the movements.

Both practitioner and athlete can see the joint range of motion metrics overlaid in real time.

SwayTrak reports Centre of Mass movement in the anteroposterior and mediolateral directions during balance assessments. Overall sway is quantified with a balance algorithm, which can be used for baseline testing and tracking changes over time.

As soon as you complete an assessment, one click automatically generates a comprehensive test report including photo snapshots from key points in each test, SwayTrak snapshots, SideTrak snapshots, and key results from each test. With one click you can send the report to the patient and to other key healthcare professionals.

Build a tailored training program with AutoTrainer, complete with reps, sets and rest. AutoTrainer guides athletes through each exercise in the program for independent training.


Powerful and portable.

Unlike other movement analysis systems that fill an entire room or require complex setup and lengthy data processing, HumanTrak fits in a suitcase and can be unpacked, set up and ready to test in less than 5 minutes. Once set up, this world-first technology allows you to select from a range of pre-programmed tests so the patient can begin their assessment and view their performance in real-time.

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