Elevate every workout with our collection of Resistance Training equipment. Explore outdoor aids like hurdles and sandbags that help improve overall speed, agility, and explosiveness. Browse indoor equipment like medicine balls and mobility bars to tone and strengthen muscle groups. For every fitness level, every sport, and every goal, shop SKLZ Resistance Training.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or just starting your fitness journey – SKLZ carries the exercise equipment and fitness accessories you need to reach your goals. Our selection of fitness equipment includes training aids that can be used individually and in a group, and much of our equipment can fold away easily, making it ideal for athletes on-the-go. From warm-up to cool down, and everything in between, explore the equipment that will help you perform at your best.




- SPEED AND AGILITY: Develop the speed and agility you need to perform at your best. Discover weight vests to add intensity to every workout, agility ladders and battle ropes that build strength, and speed chutes to add resistance to training..
- RESISTANCE BANDS: Resistance Bands provide a low-impact total body workout, ideal for individuals of all fitness levels. Perfect for use at home or at the gym, these unique exercise bands easily attach to almost any sturdy surface and can be used to perform a variety of strength training exercises. Explore the collection of resistance bands and accessories.
- CORE TRAINING: It all starts with a strong core. Core training builds power, strength and stabilization. It increases your balance and enhances functional, coordinated movements. Developing your core can improve athletic performance and help you maintain spinal stability. SKLZ offers all the training equipment you need to build core strength.
- FOAM ROLLERS AND MASSAGE THERAPY: Foam rollers, massage balls, and bars are ideal for both pre- and post-workout. Designed to be lightweight and portable, these unique massage therapy tools work to increase muscle flexibility, oxygenation, and strength.


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